2014—Big Green Weenie

I suppose I would be justified in calling my oldest brother a big green weenie. After all, I have been subjected to Arthur’s relentless teasing for more than 60 years and, during my formative years, I’m certain I must have called him a big green weenie and probably a few other things as well, but the title of this blog post doesn’t refer to Arthur, but instead, to Arthur’s very own creation, The Big Green Weenie, a fly fishing fly that he uses to catch bass. This past weekend, I spent two days at the Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers annual Fly Tying Expo in Redding, CA, photographing more than fifty men and women, all demonstrating their fly-tying techniques and their creations.

Arthur was one of the demonstrators on Sunday morning. He wasn’t demonstrating how he tied the Big Green Weenie, though and to be accurate, he told me its correct name is the Shasta Grande Green Weenie but I think Big Green Weenie is just as descriptive and all of his fly fishing buddies called it that. He was demonstrating tying an “emerger nymph” pattern (fly-tying techno-speak for how this fly goes together). Fortunately, he had the Big Green Weenie with him to show off.

I used my macro lens for the closeup shots. The nymph fly is about a quarter of the size of the Big Green Weenie but looks just as big because I focused so closely on the nymph.

Fly Tyers 4-6  closeups-118

Fly Tyers 4-6 -274

Fly Tyers 4-6 -265

Fly Tyers 4-6  closeups-111

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