2013–Day 237—!Wow

There was an unusual amount of activity this morning at Famous Mo’s, unusual because we are closed Sundays, but we were open briefly this morning serving coffee and breakfast. We found out yesterday that a local TV show, Good Day Sacramento, needed some “filler” for their Sunday morning broadcast and because they were already going to an event in Rocklin mid morning, they chose to visit Famous Mo’s and to film a 30 second commercial, at no cost to us. Filming commercials, actually time fillers that air a couple of times only during the morning’s three hour broadcast, is something they do for selected mom and pop shops and they apparently consider Famous Mo’s a “mom and pop shop.”

Melissa Cabral from Good Day Sacramento burst enthusiastically into Famous Mo’s about 6:45am and exclaimed that she loved the “Now Serving Lunch!Wow” sign we have hanging near the entry. The “!Wow” part of the sign is actually a single typed character of a font called “Roarin’ Twenties Counterfeit” and the exclamation point includes the wow, underlined and curved. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it and I use it often in signs that I make for Famous Mo’s, including the large banner that caught Melissa’s eye. !Wow became the theme for the commercial, and you will understand the !Wow thing when you view the actual commercial. My photo today is one I took of Melissa, after the commercial was filmed, posing for me as she waxes ecstatic over the !Wow.

There are two video segments that aired live this morning. Background Segment and Commercial. You will have to put up with a real commercial before ours airs. After the commercial aired, the Good Day Sacramento Anchor, Amy Carabba, commented that she loved the lady at the drive-thru——that would be me! Wait, does this mean I could possibly make a career, (it would be my third, !Wow) in commercials? !Wow.

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