20130—Day 215—Waiting For Mama

Today at Mo’s, I watched as a mockingbird flew straight at the window from which I was gazing and landed atop the pruned privet shrub a couple of feet from the window and disappeared into the shrub. I realized it was feeding a wayward nestling that had apparently tried its wings before they were ready to be tested and it landed away from the nest, unable to get back. Mama kept a good watch on the little guy and brought bugs and worms as I watched. I attached my 70-200mm lens so i didn’t have to get too close and I approached the shrub quietly so I wouldn’t frighten the baby bird and I wouldn’t annoy the mama bird. I just took a few because I didn’t want to linger too long near his hiding place. Here he is patiently waiting for mama to return with a worm. He had worked his way to the top of the shrub by this time. Shortly after I took this shot, he disappeared. There were no predators lurking nearby and I have to assume that he gained some strength and flew to another hiding place. Mama looked for him for a while but I think she must have found him because she stopped coming to the shrub after a short time.

Baby birds are irresistibly adorable with their large eyes and Walt Disney beaks. This little guy is no exception.

Day 215-14

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