Day 302—Conundrum

When is a square a triangle? Today’s daily challenge is “triangle.” When I ran across Ron’s speed square, I knew that had to be my photo. And there is the conundrum. It’s a square but it’s a triangle.

I set it on the oak tool box (that has never been used for tools) that sets on the shelf at the top of the stairs with incandescent lighting from overhead and behind. Then I added my OTT light to create more contrast and changed the white balance, set to sunny because of the OTT light, to warm the tones of the gold wall behind it. After I looked at the photo, I realized that there were all sorts of triangles in this photo, not just the “square” and an odd-shaped polygon or two.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100
.8 seconds
WB set to sunny with slight color adjustment

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