Day 280—Gold Leaf

It’s been 280 days and today was one of the few days I’ve had trouble finding a decent subject for my “photo of the day.” After rejecting a possible photo opportunity coming home from the gym this morning, and then walking around my house and yard after lunch and taking a bunch of lackluster and uninspired photos, I was actually discouraged and not looking forward to trying to come up with something decent. I don’t know why I struggled so much today because usually an idea comes to me early or I am out and about enough that I encounter an interesting subject. Since I hadn’t gone out of the house after my workout, I went for a walk down the street behind my house thinking I might find some inspiration. Instead, I was discouraged by the enormous amount of litter strewn among the sidewalk plantings; I was annoyed at the general shabbiness of the area; and I was depressed after encountering the mummified carcass of someone’s pet cat protuding from under a shrub onto the sidewalk.

The only bright spot on my walk was a gold leaf that radiated in a small splash of sunlight. I snapped a couple of pictures of it and went home. I think the only thing that will make me feel better this afternoon is watching another episode of “Dexter,” Season 5. I’m already feeling my black mood lifting in anticipation. Is that sick?

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100

One thought on “Day 280—Gold Leaf

  1. Sounds like we both are uninspired today! Thank goodness for that spot of sunlight on the leaf- amazing the things we notice now as photographers! Very nice image- love the detail in the leaf highlighted by the sun. Dead cat in the bushes- ewwww! And Dexter? One of the highlights of my week- the new season just started and I’m in Dexter Heaven (not that Dexter believes in Heaven. . .)!

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