2016—Flitting About

Early Thursday morning, I looked out to see the male Anna’s hummer flitting around the fountain, apparently unsure about the newly vigorous water flowing from the center bubble.  He darted back and forth above the bubble but didn’t seem to have the courage to land.  A few times he extended his tongue as if to drink from the bubble while he was still in the air.  The patio door was already open so I moved Big Bertha, already set up on the tripod, into position and took several shots.  It was one of the first times I was able to focus on a flying hummer and keep focused on it for more than a single shot because the bird was so riveted on the bubble that it flitted and hovered over the fountain at about the same level for a full minute.  That is not to say all of the shots I took were in focus.  My focus changed depending on whether the autofocus points zeroed in on something in front of the bird, like the bubble of water.  I’m still working on the challenge of keeping moving objects in focus with manual override.  In these shots, the morning light, with a little help from the speed light on the camera, illuminated the brilliance of his gorget, especially in the last shot.





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