Day 310—Web On A Wire

I’m in Santa Rosa and my friend Honora and I spent the day in pursuit of my photo of the day. We found so many fascinating subjects in and around Santa Rosa that I had a hard time choosing. I took photos of wild turkeys and of vineyards turning gorgeous reds and yellows. I took lots of weed photos to satisfy today’s “weeds” challenge on my Flickr group. I took photos of fences and flowers and lichen-covered rocks. I saw horses, goats, sheep, and even a group of deer grazing by the side of the road. After viewing the more than 400 photos I took today, I decided my favorite photo was a closeup of a small bit of barbed wire that I encountered near a vineyard. I took this photo after seeing a woman yesterday on the side of Riego Road as I was leaving Roseville. She was crouched with her camera lens focused on a barbed wire fence. It struck me as kind of funny and I even called my fellow photoblogger, Melinda, to tell her that we weren’t the only wackos out there with a camera. At the same time it gave me an idea for a future photo, but I didn’t think the opportunity would come so quickly for me. Many of the vineyards I was photographing were surrounded by barbed wire. I love this photo because of its simplicity and the spider web encircling the barb.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 320

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