Day 294—Black & White Alien Landscape

I spent much of today on Interstate 5 riding with my brother to and from my uncle’s funeral in Salinas. What struck me about I-5 in the San Joaquin Valley was its complete and utter desolation. We felt as if we were driving through a treeless alien landscape. On the return trip, I convinced my brother to pull over at Vista Point near Patterson because I hadn’t yet taken my photo of the day and I had noticed Vista Point on the way to Salinas. From this vantage point, we looked down on the east side of the freeway to the California Acqueduct that supplies water to much of California both for agriculture and municipalities in the south state. On the west, that incredible desolation stretched on to the horizon.

I took quite a few photos on both sides of the freeway but the afternoon haze created lackluster photos in the east and facing the lowering sun created poorly exposed photos facing west. I was disappointed with all my photos and was too tired to attempt processing them with my already forgotten Photoshop skills. For inspiration, I looked to Melinda Three Six Five and discovered that today’s subject in the Flickr Group I recently joined is Black, White and Grainy.

I know how to change a photo to black and white and my alien looking landscape appears grainy when changed to black and white. So thanks, Melinda and Flickr ODC Group 2. I needed you both today!

One thought on “Day 294—Black & White Alien Landscape

  1. Perfect! Amazing that you were able to post after such a long day. I love the light hitting the contours of the hills- there is beauty there.

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