Day 293—Autumn Leaves

The only tree I’ve seen that has leaves turning red is where else? It is at my gym. So, this morning as I left the gym, I hopped up on the edge of the concrete planter and took some shots with the sun shining through the leaves of an unknown tree. When I got home, I was a little disappointed that my shots were washed out so, armed with my new found knowledge of Photoshop (miniscule as it is), I transferred the photo I liked best into Photoshop, added a few of the enhancements I learned in my Photoshop class yesterday and was pleased with the results. So here is my first “Photoshopped” photo. And it has bokeh!

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100
Photoshop enhancements

One thought on “Day 293—Autumn Leaves

  1. Really, really gorgeous! Love the clarity, the composition, and the fabulous bokeh! And beautiful color!!! And the light coming through the leaves- excellent!!!

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