Day 286—Macro Bee

I spent some time among the branches of the xylosma shrub which is covered with tiny flowers and lots of bees caching nectar. I still have my 70-300 zoom attached in the hopes of finding my now elusive hawk on the way to the gym so I thought I could get some good closeups of the bees this afternoon instead. What frustrated me today was the camera buffer. The buffer holds 7 shots and once 7 are taken, it slowly (in relative terms) releases one at a time as it downloads my shots. What I aimed for was an in focus bee taking flight. That proved completely impossible today as I was thwarted both by my less-than-sharp reflexes and the buffer. I did manage to get a few in-focus bees not in flight because I used the continuous focus setting. One was in particularly sharp focus and so I cropped it severely to get this “macro” shot.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 100

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