Day 278—Gathering Storm

When I got out of my car at the grocery store this afternoon, I thought the clouds made an interesting pattern and then I noticed the US Flag, a bit frayed on the edges, flying over a nearby McDonald’s and thought the combination of clouds and flag would make a perfect composition. When I downloaded the images, the flag was underexposed because I hadn’t paid attention to the spot metering and the camera had targeted on the patch of blue sky, so my photos were not as interesting as I’d hoped. So I played with the image a bit. I dodged the flag to lighten and brighten it and then applied one (and possibly more?) of Aperture’s presets. I liked the results, but when I tried to duplicate what I’d done on some of the other photos, I was unable to do it. Yet another thing for me to learn about.

Focal Length 170
ISO 100
Aperture Toy Camera Preset; vignette; dodging; and ??

2 thoughts on “Day 278—Gathering Storm

  1. This is a spectacular shot- WOW! And perfect title- Gathering Storm! I love, love, love this photo! Beautiful!

  2. Melinda is right. What a fabulous photo! You should print it and make cards of it or maybe even a poster. How about a dust jacket for a best-seller? This is just gorgoeus!

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