Day 274—Glass Lamp Shade

I love the luminous effects of backlighting so this morning while I stared at my lamp with its stained glass shade, I realized it might make an interesting composition because the shade is backlit. However, after fiddling for half an hour with various shutter speeds and apertures, it is clear that I need to learn more about lighting and how different lighting affects different photographic situations. Ah, another project for me to pursue.

This is the end result and the colors are fairly accurate.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100
2 seconds
WB: tungsten (and I have already reset my WB setting to Auto lest I experience yet another series of “blue” outdoor photos.)

One thought on “Day 274—Glass Lamp Shade

  1. Gorgeous detail on the lamp! The light coming through makes it even more so (I think your eye for light is spot on!).

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