Day 232—Firetrap

When Governor Ronald Reagan moved into the California Governor’s Mansion in 1966, his wife declared it a firetrap and they quickly moved out. No California governor has lived there since. We walked by it today on the way to lunch. It’s an interesting building from the outside. I’ve never been inside and may never get the chance since it is on the list of California state parks slated to close, the result of the current budget crisis. I found myself shooting into the sun so I moved to get the sun flare emerging at the top. I could see the California Bear Flag unfurl through the viewfinder and wanted a closeup but when I zoomed in, the wind had shifted and the flag was limp so I cropped this photo to get the effect I wanted.

Focal Length 18mm
ISO 200

One thought on “Day 232—Firetrap

  1. Love the angle and the sun flare! And I do remember the story about this mansion- too bad it hasn’t been restored and used (although I really shouldn’t say since I have never been inside either). Excellent photo!

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