Day 230—Shadow Drops or Trompe L’oeil, Part Deux

This morning as I refilled my fountain which was desperately in need of water, I admired the beauty of the early morning light shining through the privet leaves. Then I realized that the water drops I was seeing on the leaves were actually shadows of the droplets showing through. I had to touch the leaf and turn it over to believe that the drops were not on top of the leaf. Since I am fascinated by water drops, I just had to take a photo. These drops really are only shadows from the underside of this leaf. I titled a recent post “Trompe l”oeil” but this one truly deserves that title.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100

One thought on “Day 230—Shadow Drops or Trompe L’oeil, Part Deux

  1. This is a beautiful shot! Maybe the secret of getting good water drop photos is to go for the shadows! It really looks like they are on top of the leaf! But top or bottom, it is really lovely.

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