Day 228—Man At Work

I’ve often thought I should start a “Men at Work” series of photographs because I have taken so many photos of “men at work!” Starting with the remodel of my house 3 years ago, I have taken thousands of photos of men hard at work. On my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, some of my favorite photos were of people, both men and women, doing their daily jobs. This afternoon, while contemplating what today’s photo might be and whether I needed to leave home to take it, the doorbell rang. It was a SMUD (Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District) contractor advising me to turn off my computer and air conditioner so he could install SMUD’s new “Smart Meter.” While I turned everything off, I realized a photo op awaited me.

I ran out and asked permission to take his photo. He agreed but harrumphed (in a good way, actually) and said that if I was going to take his photo, he needed to put on his gloves and hard hat and he was already suffering from the heat resulting from his fire retardant uniform. “But,” he said, “for you, I’ll do it.” He pulled on his gloves and donned his hard hat complete with full face cover, snatched off the old SMUD meter, and asked, “Did you get that?” I did but it wasn’t much so he told me he’d install the new meter a bit more slowly. It took all of 15 seconds to complete the job. The meter actually plugs in with four prongs. Who knew? I could have done it myself. I did get a couple of shots, this one showing the most action (he’s pressing it into place) and then he was gone.

Focal Length 18 mm
ISO 100

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