Day 217—Putt Putt

I was standing on the sidewalk on Antelope Road this morning, trying to capture an interesting composition with converging lines of crape myrtles, sidewalks, and walls when I looked up and who should putt into my viewfinder but this colorfully dressed guy on a small motorized scooter. I took a couple of shots and this one, with the subject in fairly good focus and the background, slightly blurred, was the best. One of these days, I hope to stop the motion of a faster moving vehicle, with the subject in clear focus and with the background out of focus, to indicate speed, but, today’s slow putt putt will have to do. Afterall, he’s clear and everything else is (ever so slightly) blurred which shows speed, only in this case, the speed is probably less than 10 MPH!

Focal Length 110mm
ISO 100

One thought on “Day 217—Putt Putt

  1. Good job! I like how you approach all your photos as a skill to be mastered! I need to work on motion myself. No photo yet today for me- waiting for the kids to arrive (L is at airport). Hope I remember to take a photo when they get here!:)

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