Day 202—Zip

I rode on a zipline today at Moaning Caverns in Murphys. I had to leave my Nikon camera behind and I couldn’t attach my tiny helmet camera to my helmet so I wrapped its strap around my wrist. It was an exciting 30 seconds or so. We zipped 1500 feet across scrub oak and pines and parched earth. I shrieked the entire ride. They had twin zip lines so Linda and I rode side by side. My wrist cam was not too effective because I couldn’t control where it pointed since I had a death grip on the straps. I managed to capture Linda on video before I mistakenly uncrossed my feet and spun out of control for a couple of turns before landing on the platform. The final photo is my death grip on the straps as I came in for a landing. These images were extracted from video.

And once I got my Nikon back in my possession, I took this.

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 640 (I forgot to reset it from earlier indoor shots; oy vey! once again)
Slight adjustment in Curves to compensate for the incorrect ISO

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  1. OMG this does not sound like fun! Glad you survived and there are photos to prove you did it!

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