Day 195—Tomato Basil Soup Anyone?

The Thursday Farmers’ Market at Mahaney Park is providing me with lots of photo ops. I started out using Aperture Priority with the aperture set to f/16. I was curious to know if my smart camera knew the Sunny 16 rule. Well apparently, it does not. I was quite surprised to see a photo of tomatoes in the bright sun to be overexposed because of a slow shutter speed. I quickly switched to manual and set the white balance to “sunny” and the shutter speed to 1/100 since I’d already set the ISO to 100. I could tell immediately that these photos were perfectly exposed. The proprietor of this stall at the Farmers’ Market is also a photographer and I’ve talked with her before about our cameras. In fact, I used a photo of her produce on Day 153, “Beets Me.” I think I’ll print this photo and run it back over to the market to give to her.

Focal Length 62mm
ISO 100
White Balance Sunny

One thought on “Day 195—Tomato Basil Soup Anyone?

  1. Very nice shot! Nice composition and colors! Tomato basil soupssounds yummy- one of my favorites!

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