Day 194—Abstract

Continuing my efforts to improve my exposure, I went out onto the patio and snapped a few pictures using Aperture Priority mode. After shooting several mundane shots of emerging crape myrtle blossoms and the messy weeds on the side of my house, the bright blue of the neighbor’s DoughBoy pool showing through the slats of the fence boards caught my eye and I took several shots. It was only after I came inside and downloaded the photos that I realized the shutter speeds were too slow to hand hold the camera because it metered on the darkly shaded fence and not the bright pool behind it. At that moment, I had an epiphany: I still need to participate in taking the photo even if I use some of the pre-programmed settings, like determining whether I need to use a tripod or make other adjustments to make sure I get the photo I want.

I didn’t feel like seeking out another subject for my photo today, especially after spending too much time on the phone with a condescending CalPERS employee, whose attitude soured MY attitude and made me even more embarrassed to tell anyone I am a retired State employee. Just for the record, I was NOT like that!

After examining the photos I had taken earlier, I decided I really liked the abstract effect that my inability to keep the camera still brought to the photos and I actually had a hard time deciding which of three was the best. I cropped and straightened them before choosing the most interesting abstract.

Focal Length 200
ISO 100

One thought on “Day 194—Abstract

  1. I love this! It really is an optical illusion- your eye is drawn to the blues in the image. Very creative!

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