Day 180—Keep Out

I’m trying to catch up with the photography class assignments I missed while on my trip. Today I took on my lesson 2 assignment, shooting tall and hyperfocal distance. A smaller aperture gives a greater depth of field and hyperfocal distance is the spot one focuses on to give the photo the maximum sharpness. Since focus continues to be one of my issues, I thought this would be an appropriate challenge for me. We were instructed to use a wide angle lens so I attached my 35mm prime lens. We then had to photograph a scene with something in the background, something in the middle and something in the foreground and, in order to keep everything in focus, we had to focus on the foreground.

I stopped at an area along a nearby road with a sign that I find interesting and set up my tripod. I love this sign. It is obviously made out of a discarded piece of metal, perhaps a hubcap? With the barbed wire and the star thistle, I doubt it was necessary but it gets the point across. I focused on the yellow flowers in the foreground, the sign is the middle ground and the mostly obscured tree is the background. It all seems to be in focus.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100

One thought on “Day 180—Keep Out

  1. Hyperfocal distance? I need to learn about that! This is the type of shot that looks so easy- but isn’t! Keeping everything in focus is challenging! Great job on focus and composition! Also- subject matter- interesting sign!

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