Day 169—More Black and White

When we were out whale watching on the Peregrine yesterday, a call came in late in the day alerting them to the fact that J and K Pods were heading toward San Juan Island but the pods’ arrival time was unsure. This afternoon, we decided to go to Lime Kiln Point State Park in Friday Harbor on the off chance we’d be able to catch them swimming by because the park has the best whale watching from land. We lazed around all morning and didn’t get out until after 1 PM, so we were thrilled when we arrived at the park to learn that some members of J and K Pods were heading our direction and should be arriving within the hour. We watched some spectacular whale activity as they cruised by us at about 6 miles per hour close to shore, slowing down briefly to harass something in a cove. They cruised by kayakers and a sea lion was brave enough to emerge because he somehow knew that these pods are salmon eaters, unlike the transients we saw yesterday who eat sea lions.

I set the camera to shutter priority because I decided I couldn’t trust myself with manual settings today.

The locals are back.

The first contingent approaches:

From their saddle markings, we were able to identify Lobo, Yoda, and Sonata:

Showing off for the crowd, including lobtailing:

Sea lion knows he’s safe:

This is Spock. Look how close to shore they are:

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