Day 168—Lookin’ Out For Those Black and Whites

Today we saw orcas! None of the whales from the three local pods, J pod, K pod, and L pod, was in evidence today but transient orcas were. For about two hours, we watched T123 and her babies T123A (about 14 years) and T123 B (about 3 years) feeding on something near the shoreline. Orcas from the local pods feed on salmon. Transient orcas feed on sea lions and other animals. We don’t know what they were feeding on but the naturalist on board the Peregrine told us about their feeding habits. It was fun and exciting to watch them. I was surprised that they were so close to the shoreline but there is a steep dropoff at the rocks.

This is T123A and T123B, the juvenile and the baby. The baby’s fluke is the white one on the right. Mama is somewhere nearby.

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