Day 157—From the Cradle to the Grave

It was past 7PM and I still hadn’t thought about my photo today. A few ideas crossed my mind but I focused on the number 157 which happens to be the number of days that I’ve been blogging on In Focus Daily. So I decided to photograph the number 157 but past 7PM there are few options so I went searching. Comcast doesn’t seem to have a channel number 157 so that was out. “A book,” I thought. I picked up the book I am currently reading, “Medium Raw” by Anthony Bourdain; I’m only on page 145 and even if I took some poetic (photographic?) license, Mr. Bourdain tends to be rather profane so I thought better of photographing his page 157. I belong to an on-line book club called the Un-Book Club and we were recently discussing Gone With the Wind and how old we were when we first read it and the circumstances surrounding our first reading of it. I looked at my copy, the one my mother gave me in 1959 and which was the very same copy that she bought in 1939 and upon which she had proudly inscribed her name on the Title page. When I turned to page 157, the passage at the top of the page caught my interest. And so, it is my photo of the day. I forgot to reset the White Balance which was set to cloudy from yesterday. It worked perfectly, though. The setting exactly reflects the yellowed pages of that 72 year old book.

Focal Length 82mm
ISO 100
1 second
White Balance set to Cloudy

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