Day 154—Oz, the Wizard

I took my car in for servicing today. No one is safe from the scrutiny of my camera lens. Oz proved to be a good sport when I inquired about taking photos in the shop. He was happy to oblige. Oz is a tidy mechanic. He didn’t spill a drop of oil; I watched as he poured all five quarts into the crankshaft (is that where it goes?) without using a funnel. A wizard, he is. And he assured me that moniker has stuck with him his entire life so I shifted it slightly for the blog title. And he continued his tidiness as we talked, wiping all exposed engine surfaces clean. I don’t normally hang around auto shops but I have spent a fair amount of time looking under hoods, both holding flashlights and discussing auto repair issues and I don’t ever recall a mechanic, even my husband, wiping all the surfaces. It looks brand new.

As for the photo, the shop was dark so I had to bump up the ISO to 1250 resulting in lots of noise. Focus isn’t crisp as the shutter speed was slow. But, I like the composition of the photo; his arm serves as a leading line to the stream of oil. I think it is kind of interesting.

Focal Length48mm
ISO 1250

One thought on “Day 154—Oz, the Wizard

  1. Very nice shot! Nicely composed- and I can’t see any noise! Good lifestyle photography!

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