Day 151—Ain’t No Sunshine. . .

. . .But at least I have sunflowers.

I experimented with exposure today. The bouquet of sunflowers was backlit by a window and I thought the luminescence of the petals was pretty and I wanted to capture that while still being able to see detail in the center of the sunflower. I used my tripod (how did I ever manage this without my tripod?) and tried different shutter speeds and apertures. I even changed from my 18-200mm zoom to my 35mm prime lens. I think this photo captures the backlit petals beautifully and still has enough texture of the sunflower center. Other photos with more detail of the flower center resulted in washed out petals.

Focal Length 80mm
ISO 100
0.6 s

One thought on “Day 151—Ain’t No Sunshine. . .

  1. This is GORGEOUS! I love the contrast of the delicacy of the yellow leaves and the detail in the rich brown centers! And nice comp! Well done!

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