Day 149—Finally I Am Ready for Scarborough Fair

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. At last I have planted all four of those delectable herbs in my garden, along with oregano and lavender (for Le Cachat, don’t you know). Simon? Garfunkel? Do you hear that? Over the years I have always had one or more of these herbs growing in my garden but never all four at once. In the past, it seemed easier just to buy the parsley and sage at the market. Yesterday, I found a particularly lush rosemary plant that I bought to replace my 20 year old scraggly, pot bound rosemary that was no longer producing readily usable stems and I planted it a few minutes ago. The red reflection in the pot is one of my red garden clogs as I straddled the pot trying to get the best angle for a shot. As you can see, I missed the angle so I had to straighten this photo a bit.

Focal Length 32mm
ISO 100
White Balance Sunny

One thought on “Day 149—Finally I Am Ready for Scarborough Fair

  1. Ahhh, rosemary! I love it- and you have the complete set- ready to go to Scarborough Faire! Great shot (and don’t apologize for straightening!)!

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