Day 148—Neighbors

I’ve had it with the neighbors on both sides of my house. Yesterday, when I arrived home from the gym, my neighbor on one side greeted me in my driveway with the announcement that they needed to prune the xylosma plant that shields my yard from theirs; her explanation was that they needed to prune it to allow them to erect a storage shed because some branches protruded into their yard. I assured her that was no problem as long as they just pruned the parts that were in their yard and that they pruned nothing that was vertical. When I walked out to assess the situation, I discovered they had already pruned it and there are now gaping holes where lush green once blocked my view. Aarrgggh! So no photo op there. In fact, I have often used that lush greenery as a beautiful backdrop for other things. I hope it recovers quickly.

And then, this morning I looked out to see yet another toy laying in my yard from the neighbors on the other side. This time it was a colorful ball. The good thing is that I thought it might make a good photo op so a few minutes ago I walked out, knelt down, and snapped a few shots. This was my favorite. Only a small part of the grass seed head is in focus because I used such a shallow depth of field. Now the ball can go into the garbage can. They will NOT be getting it back. Am I becoming a curmudgeon? I guess I should welcome these things. This is the second photo op these people have provided for me (please check out Day 129—The Antelope 500). What will be next?

I did have to make one adjustment. I forgot to change the white balance from incandescent to daylight so I had to make the adjustment in Aperture.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100
White Balance set to Tungsten
White Balance corrected to Daylight

One thought on “Day 148—Neighbors

  1. Interesting shot- like the depth of field! We usually have a collection of balls I occasionally throw back over the fence. When the neighbor kids were younger they would come over to get them quickly, because they knew Murphy would destroy them!

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