Day 147—Jump. . .

. . .Squat! I had a session with Noelle, my personal trainer, this morning and she had me doing jump squats, one of the more arduous exercises in her torture repertoire; today she added 5 pound weights to the exercise. Since she knows about this blog (her daughter has been featured in it twice) she suggested taking a photo of me executing a jump squat. She offered to take the photo but then my friend Cindy, who also has been featured in this blog and who has deftly handled my camera in the past, stepped in and took them.

I know that I’m supposed to take the photos that I post to this blog, but hey, it’s my blog and I’ll post whatever I want in it. I did set up the exposure and Cindy executed the shots while Noelle directed. Here is the jump squat series. Not great form but interesting action shots. I collapsed after these were taken. Thanks, Cindy for taking the photos and thanks, Noelle, for suggesting what is now my photo of the day!




All three photos:

Focal Length 24mm
ISO 1000

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