Day 144— Fascinating Rhythm

Blurred motion is something I’m interested in, both because my photos frequently get unintentional blurred motion but also because I find intentional blurred motion fascinating. Today I decided to dust off my metronome and see what kind of blur I could get. I set my camera on the tripod and experimented with apertures and shutter speeds. I took photos in three sets, downloading to my computer after each. This photo is from a set that produced the best blur of the metronome but because I was not careful when I placed the camera back onto the tripod, the level was off. I had to straighten it. So, this photo is not straight out of the camera. I grabbed the stiffest piece of sheet music that I had for background, which was Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune. I should have selected Gershwin, given the title of today’s blog entry. But on closer scrutiny, the time signature of this piece is 9/8 which is a pretty fascinating rhythm. What happened to 4/4? So I guess it’s no wonder I could never play this piece all the way through!

Focal Length 82mm
ISO 100
2 seconds

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