Day 115—Asparagus?

. . . or 3-headed snake? Asparagus is my favorite vegetable. It’s usually in great abundance this time of year but the rain and cold seem to have kept the Delta crop, whence my favorite asparagus, in short supply. This asparagus is from Brawley but it was the only asparagus available today; and I haven’t had much yet this season so I picked up a bunch at the store late this afternoon. As I was washing it, I thought it would make a good photo of the day. After viewing the pictures, I decided this was the best despite the fact that it looks more like a 3-headed snake than asaparagus spears to me, but it has bokeh, so it gets the nod.

35mm lens
ISO 200

One thought on “Day 115—Asparagus?

  1. Great color and DOF- and, yes, it does look like a 3 headed snake! Only makes for a more interesting photo!

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