Day 103 — Rio Samba

Every year, one rose blooms days before any of the other roses. The first rose to bloom has always been one of Ron’s favorites. For years, until its untimely demise, Angel Face always won the race. This year, Rio Samba is the first to bloom. I looked out after a rainstorm this afternoon and Rio Samba had a perfect bud. Rio Samba was a rose Ron always wanted to plant but never did. His daughter gave me Rio Samba the year Ron died, which was four years ago yesterday. I wish I’d looked at my roses yesterday; if I had, I would have photographed it for my photo of the day yesterday. But I’m sure it’s even more beautiful today.

Lens at 200mm
ISO 200

One thought on “Day 103 — Rio Samba

  1. How beautiful- the story and the rose. The colors are magnificent! What a lovely tribute to Ron.

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