Day 88—Confessions of a Lousy Housekeeper

Spring Cleaning is an imminent threat, and the long overdue sunshine is pointing out every pile of dust and cobweb hidden for months by the overcast skies. It isn’t prudent, I suppose, to document my shortcomings as a housekeeper. However, my intense interest in photography trumps any embarrassment I might have about the webs and dust in my home, especially if those webs and dust offer an opportunity for a photo of the day. Today’s case in point: the window over the front door has always been a challenge to keep free of cobwebs because it is so high up. The bottom of the window is at least 13 feet from the floor and since I am not one to climb ladders (even 2-step step stools cause my knees to quaver) the cobwebs that collect in and around this window tend to stay there and collect their own dust.

The Sunny f/16 rule seemed to work in this situation.

Lens at 300mm
ISO 200

One thought on “Day 88—Confessions of a Lousy Housekeeper

  1. I love this one! Love the light! Unfortunately, I have many photo opportunities for shots like that around my house. . .

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