Day 63 — Here’s Lookin’ at You

Last night, while reading up on using polarizing filters after my disappointing results yesterday, I discovered something else I wanted to try. I was fascinated by a technique discussed in the book Understanding Exposure, by Bryan Peterson, given to me by my friend Melinda. What caught my interest was an interesting shot that used a long shutter speed and a zoom lens to achieve an “exploding” effect. So, here is my version of Bryan Peterson’s exploding meadow. Mine is exploding googly eyeballs (the tiny little glue on eyes for toys) that were in a box of stuff I once dragged home from a garage sale. Finally, a use for them!

I attached my camera to the tripod (it seems to be structurally sound today), faced it down to a chair seat with the googly eyes clustered on it. Then, with the lens at maximum extension (200mm) and a slow shutter speed (1 second), I tripped the shutter and zoomed out the lens. I had to crop the photo a little but I was fascinated by the end result.

ISO 100
1 second

One thought on “Day 63 — Here’s Lookin’ at You

  1. This is AMAZING! I can’t wait to try it! Exploding eyeballs indeed! I really love the shell one I see on your Flickr feed. It looks so glowy! I guess you could zoom in OR out. Very, very cool!

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