Day 61—Hi There!

I have a door stop that is a disembodied hand made of iron. I was staring at it this morning and it made me think of “Dexter,” which I have just started watching at the insistence of a couple of friends and I am loving it. So, this is my homage to “Dexter,” Season 1, anyway. The disembodied hand says,”Hi there!”

I fiddled with the white balance a little but was dissatisfied with the results so I ended up using the Auto white balance setting. I tried different backgrounds and decided the uncluttered sleekness of my stainless fridge was the perfect sterile background that this subject seemed to require.

35mm Lens
ISO 800

One thought on “Day 61—Hi There!

  1. I really love the doorstop! I thought it was friendly until I read the Dexter comment, LOL! Hey, this is what we do for the rest of the year- find stuff around the house to immortalize on our blogs! 🙂

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