Day 57 — Big Bite

I love Fuji apples. As I looked at the apple after taking a huge bite of it this morning, I immediately thought, “photo op!” and grabbed my camera which was miraculously mounted with my 35mm lens and set with ISO, f/stop and shutter speed close to what I needed. Even the White Balance was set to incandescent. When will that ever happen again? I flipped the lens cover off with my right hand, turned the range hood light on, focused, and took a few shots.

The shots weren’t perfect. I needed to tweak the exposure a little and I cropped this shot but I managed to avoid getting sticky on my camera. And there’s bonus bokeh! I couldn’t ask for more. And it looks good enough to eat, which I did.

35mm Lens
ISO 400
White Balance Incandescent

Cropped photo and increased exposure +.85.

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