Day 52—They Call Me the Wanderer

Well, I’m not Dion or a Belmont or a wanderer exactly, but this variety of hardenbergia violacia is called the “Happy Wanderer.” The flowers look like cascades of tiny sweet peas. This evergreen blooms briefly in late winter on my fence and is a welcome harbinger of spring.

Today, I experimented with white balance and once again am puzzled by it. It was overcast when I took these photos so I set the WB to cloudy. The colors look washed out in the camera’s LCD viewer, so I changed from the default Cloudy and fiddled with changing the colors within the Cloudy setting. This one had the most realistic colors but in some shots I took, the colors varied quite a bit at the same WB settings. Sigh.

Lens at 200mm
ISO 200
White Balance at Cloudy, A1, M3

4 thoughts on “Day 52—They Call Me the Wanderer

  1. Beautiful photo, beautiful flowers! Nice crisp focus and lovely depth of field (at 5.6!) excellent! White balance is so tricky- I’ve given up worrying about it. All your flower photos on your Flickr feed are wonderful too!

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