Day 50— I Really Don’t Know Clouds At All

Or polarizing filters, either. I thought to try out my polarizing filter to see how it intensified the blue sky and brightened the clouds. I learned nothing because I couldn’t figure out which way to turn the filter to achieve the polarizing effect and I couldn’t see the difference through the lens, I presume because the sky isn’t blue enough today nor the clouds white enough. The filter has a dot and a triangle which signify something. I just don’t know what. The clouds were quite striking, though, and I ended up tweaking this photo in Curves, increased the contrast just a bit, and moved the color levels a bit to intensify the blue. I’ll figure out my polarizing filter another day.

70-300 mm lens set at 70mm
ISO 100

2 thoughts on “Day 50— I Really Don’t Know Clouds At All

  1. Wow- that is gorgeous!!! Looks like something from one of those Cinemascope movies from the fifties- just beautiful! You may not have figured out your filter, but what a fantastic shot!

  2. Thanks. I liked the cloud formations today. They were very dramatic. I just kept fiddling with the polarizing filter and was never sure where it was set for which photo and they all looked almost the same anyway. I did get a couple with brilliant blue sky but the composition was really bad on those. I didn’t want to spend the day on clouds like I did on drops Thursday and Friday so I stopped. I’ll learn about the filter another day.

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