Day 45—I’m Walkin’, Yes Indeed

I had my camera with me at the gym this morning and I grabbed it when I noticed that three of my friends were walking on the treadmill in unison. My goal was to get their feet and legs blurry and the rest of the scene in sharp focus. I used a gym bench to steady the camera. I Iike the identical position of the three sets of feet but the background is a little distracting and the focus isn’t crisp. I wasn’t careful about my point of focus and I realized too late that the lens was automatically focused on the red strap in the middle in front of the magazines. Since the treadmills vibrate with each step I’m not sure where the best point of focus would have been for this shot.

Lens at 60mm
ISO 1250
Slight crop

3 thoughts on “Day 45—I’m Walkin’, Yes Indeed

  1. Thanks. This was a challenge; my tripod “bench” was usurped by someone who actually wanted to work out so I was reduced to using an elliptical machine to brace myself and later photos were not as clear as this and this one was only marginally in focus. I do like the composition, though; too bad the background is so busy.

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