Day 34 — Broken Fish

When I picked up the mail today, the package I posted on Tuesday in Port Aransas was in my mail box. I commented to a neighbor how impressed I was with the Postal Service, especially given the weather situation in Texas and elsewhere east of the Rockies; after all, my flights into and out of Dallas on Tuesday were cancelled. I didn’t expect to see the package for a month. It contained the “oceans” of seashells I found on the beach as well as some whimsically painted square plates from Mexico that I fell in love with. I noted the box was in pristine shape and thought the clinking as I walked home was the seashells rattling around inside.

Alas, I am not as impressed with the Postal Service now as I was an hour ago. Although I used bubble wrap and newspaper to pack, I made the mistake of placing the plates in the bottom of the box. And, I should have written “fragile” on the box. The plates, now in more than one piece each, will not be serving the hors d’oeuvres I thought they would. But at least they can serve as my picture of the day.

Lens @ 62mm
ISO 800

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