Day 16 — Mystery Photo with Bokeh

When I downloaded the photos from my camera today, I couldn’t immediately identify the first photo. But I decided it was my favorite of all that I took. Of course I knew where I’d taken the photo and identified it quickly. Then I rejected it because the subject was so obscure but kept returning to it as somehow appealing, probably because of the bokeh effect. So, this is my Day 16 photo, a completely unidentifiable composition.

18-200mm lens at 200mm
ISO 800

3 thoughts on “Day 16 — Mystery Photo with Bokeh

  1. Beautiful clarity and focus on the uh …handles? spigots???? Nice bokeh on the uh…glasses? cups? barstools??? Anyway- nice …hmmmm…capture! ! I love a mystery!

  2. Thank you. I don’t know the name of that tool. But chisels are in the background. It’s in Ron’s tool chest. I needed to use that unknown tool to make a hole in the wallboard to put in a wallboard anchor and screw to hang up a couple of pictures. I failed miserably. I now have four large holes without screws and no pictures hung. But it also gave me a photo op!

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