Day 7 — No Room at the Gym?

In early January, my gym is normally bulging at the seams with resolute slackers who descend like locusts on the treadmills, elliptical machines, and various weight contraptions there in the hopes of transforming their bodies in just a few visits. It’s still the first week of January and I had hoped to try my hand at taking pictures of motion. My plan was to photograph legs running on a row of treadmills or pedaling on a row of elliptical machines as a good way to show motion. I guess people have foresaken their New Year’s resolutions a little earlier than usual this year. This was my gym at 10 AM this morning:

18-200 mm lens at 40mm
ISO 1600
ev -2

What I learned today was that I need to check all my settings before starting to take photos. At some point yesterday, after posting the glass spheres photo, I changed the exposure compensation setting to -2 as I was experimenting and failed to return it to zero when I was done. While I don’t think it ruined the photo, it would have been a bit brighter if the setting had been at 0.

4 thoughts on “Day 7 — No Room at the Gym?

  1. I like the picture … even though it is a shollow depth of field in a way it has an apperence of deep depth. Oh and in regards to settings … a wise photographers told me, Sandra you learn best from your mistakes.

  2. Good shot, Carol! I like the depth of field and focus- nice job! Exposure compensation mistake- no worries! You can always fix it in Aperture 3! BTW- I am always forgetting to take my settings back to “normal” also- especially my ISO!

  3. Just realized I am one of those slackers! But at least I’m not a RESOLUTE slacker! 😉 I SO love your Flickr flower photos! Flowers are among my most favorite photo subjects- I’ve been thinking of buying some in order to photograph them- there’s nothing much in my yard to photograph right now- except, oh yes, tree bark!

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