Day 6 — Tiny Bubbles

Well, Don Ho probably wouldn’t call these tiny bubbles. They’re actually glass balls, part of an odd chandelier I was intrigued by at Lamps Plus where I had to go to find some special light bulbs for one of my light fixtures. I asked permission to take some photos of the lights and was met with some degree of resistance because corporate thieves apparently take photos and try to duplicate the patented light fixtures at Lamps Plus. This photo, along with several others, was okay’d by the manager. I ask you, who would possibly want to steal this fixture? What is most interesting to me, besides the bokeh effect, are the tiny bits of dust that can be seen in profile; click on the photo to enlarge it to see the dust.

18-200mm lens at 200mm
ISO 400

3 thoughts on “Day 6 — Tiny Bubbles

  1. Oh I love this one! For a minute I thought it WAS a macro shot of bubbles (champagne?). Too bad you had to jump through hoops to get permission. I’d wondered about that in stores. Maybe I won’t take my camera to Target after all. Nice capture!

  2. Thanks. I had no shot for today when I decided to go to Lamps Plus for the bulbs about 4:30 this afternoon. When I was in the store, I looked around and thought I might find something interesting and I asked permission to shoot. I was actually surprised at his response but he didn’t harass me and I could have left the store without sharing the photos I took. I asked permission at The Bird Shop but when I was at Whole Foods I didn’t ask because I was outside. But I’ve taken lots of photos in Costco and Home Depot and other places with my camera phone without asking anyone for permission. I think it’s the right thing to do (ask permission) but I don’t think it’s usually that big a deal. And like I said, who would want to steal the design of that chandelier?

  3. I just looked at your Flickr uploads too- the glass balls really make a beautiful subject- and you did a super job with focus and composition! Maybe I’ll get the courage soon to take photos in a store…

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